Sunday, 26 August 2012

Colouring inside the lines.

Colouring inside the lines.


Do you remember nursery school? 'Colour inside the lines' was the order of the day! To make your picture look pretty it was a must.

It struck me this week as I  embarked on a new skill just how much of crafting involves following lines.

I've been doing some machine embroidery and keeping those lines nice and straight around my applique was the goal, although of course with freehand machine embroidery a little wobble here and there all adds to the effect!

I haven't quite finished this one yet, but here it is so far....

The little girl is based on my daughter, she can often be seen, hair flying in the wind, carefree as a bird by the shore.

My other major pass time this week has been 'piercing'.

No, not holes in body kind of piercing! Although I did manage to put a hole in my finger on the first attempt - ouch! Piercing as in 'Piercing saw'. The kind jewellers use.

So, I've been following the lines with my new saw, cutting interesting shapes from sheet metal to make pendants, earrings, brooches and other such goodies.

All the instructional videos tell you to start with straight lines and progress slowly to simple shapes such as squares and eventually circles and hearts. Me? Where's the fun in that?! Thinks I! I started with a Geko I'd drawn instead. Much more fun :)


Since the first Geko, I have moved on to bigger geko's and sea horses amongst other things.
I absolutely LOVE piercing. I've found it really easy to get started and my mind is just buzzing with the possibilities of what I can create, so watch this space. This is the beginning of something exciting for Coast!







Other Creative spurts this week involved adding to my beach stone Jewellery collection with a new style of dangly beach stone earrings.


For those who prefer their pebbles with a bit more dangle!

A change from my single drop and cairn earrings. I'll be adding to this style with more danglies over the next few weeks.

And finally a little Coastal inspired craftiness... 


 with an upcycled picture frame which I found in the local thrift shop for €4, painted white and distressed for that 'beach house' look. Turns out I can distress 'stuff' as well as people!!

The photo was taken by my hubby of our daughter at a local beach at sunset last week. I tweeked it a little in photoshop and voila. I love it :)

So follow the lines? Well, sometimes, but knowing when to swerve a little (whether by design or not) is what makes a piece unique isn't it? It's what handmade is all about.


  1. What an amazing set of goodies. I love them all. The earrings are amazingly delicate considering they have stones! I can see why you like piercing. I would have thought that straight lines would be harder (I would get so frustrated with the wobbly offerings I would no doubt create!) Finally, the embroidered picture just captures summer so well. The girl looks so carefree that it is hard not to feel that way too.

  2. Love your makes - the beach hut picture is lovely. I love all your pebble jewellery, too. Yes, it's the wobbles that make handmade so attractive, I think - the beauty in nature is all about imperfections, too.

  3. I love the machine embroidery, it looks so full of summer memories... :)

  4. i love love love your machine embroidery picture! the way that you have done the silhouette of the girl looks so pretty and i love her hair blowing in the wind... looking at the beautiful photograph of your daughter i can see where your inspiration come from :)

    i agree that one of the beauties of handmade is the little idiosyncrasies that let you know that its not off a factory line!

    good luck with your piercing, it looks like fun :) x

  5. Beautiful pieces- each and every one. The pebbles actually look really good with holes in them. That photo is certainly something to treasure.

  6. I love the photo, I'm sure it's one you will treasure for a very long time.
    I'm also a fan of piercing, it was one of my favourite bits in jewellery making - I found it quite therapeutic as to do it well you needed to be relaxed and rhythmic.

    1. So true! If I'm not relaxed - ping goes one blade after another.

  7. Nice stuff today. I'm enjoying looking since I'm socked in with rain. Love the photo that is well done all the way around with the vintage look the the frame. I also like the work with the saw, that sounds interesting. :)

  8. beautiful creations! i love the quilted beach houses - my favourite in the post!
    the waves are so curly and enticing! and that cute little bunting!
    well done on your distressing work - the photo frames looks truly shabby chic!

  9. I really like the photo of the earings - the light shines through so beautifully.

  10. Oo, so much pretty stuff again. Lovely earrings, beautiful photo and pretty beach huts!

  11. Thank you all for your kind words!
    The photo is special as it's usually me taking the photo's in our house, but this was captured by my husband.

  12. I often swerve of the lines as well! Never tried piercing but you certainly have got the hang of it.....I agree straight lines are boring. Great photo of your daughter.